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Marketing is going through massive changes by artificial intelligence

Marketing is going through massive changes thanks to artificial intelligence – and that’s a good thing.

Why does marketing need AI?

Here’s the good news about AI: it’s bringing marketers the chance to unclip their wings, free themselves of the more mundane number crunching and analysis, and focus on what they like the most – the creative, interactive, fulfilling work that lured them into the profession in the first place.AI will raise the professional bar. It will help marketers to be more focused and effective at doing what they do best – producing creative work that delivers results. Above all, AI will make marketing more relevant and that is good for everyone – customers and businesses alike. It will help marketers be marketers, and marketing to be as effective and efficient as it can be.

With such a pervasive technology, it’s impossible to capture its full effect but here are seven ways AI is going to propel marketing in the near future


7 ways to increase online sales

7 ways to increase online sales

1 : Focus on your site visitors–not yourself


2 : Offer just 2 or 3 products on your home page.


3 : Establish a problem and offer solution

4 :Create a Sense of Urgency

5 : Give Away As Much As You Possible Can for Free

6 : Talk to Your Prospects on Social Media

7 : Create a Sense of Urgency



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Marketers are constantly on the look-out for avenues that can drive exponential business growth and lead to success in the marketplace. Innovation, rather the creation of breakthrough innovation, may well be that winning formula.

True innovation involves creating a breakthrough offering even before consumers articulate or realise that they want it”. Second, more than half of India’s marketers evaluate innovation success too fast, sometimes within a twelve month time-frame. Lastly, sustainable and profitable innovation needs a long term outlook, and as much as 80% marketers focus on near term priorities.

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