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What can we do to enhance our willpower ?

The best exercises for enhancement of our sell control is meditation .

Willpower can grow with exercise like muscles do,the more you exercise is the more it develope our willpower


How to use Facebook to market your business

Facebook marketing can help you create exposure and awareness for your 

business, increase sales, collect market data, enhance your customer,s’ experience-
rience, and increase your position as an authority in your field. However,
before you can start to see real results, you must de termine why you’re on
If you take the time to ponder the following questions, you’ll gradually begin
to create a road map to Facebook marketing success:
✦ Why do you want to use Facebook to market your business?use Facebook to market your business? More spe-
cifically, what do you hope to gain from your use of Facebook, and how
will it help your business?
✦ Who is your ideal audience? Get specific here. Who are you talking to?
What are the demo graphics, needs, wants, and challenge of the person
who will buy your products, programs, or services?
✦ What do you want your ideal audience to do via your efforts on
Facebook? In other words, what feelings, actions, or behavior do you
want your audience to experience?
When you’re clear about why you’re on Facebook, you’re better able to
design a strategy that best fits your business needs. We explore many
potential strategies through the course of this book. For now, though, in the
name of helping you better understand how you can use Facebook to market
your business, here’s a list of just a few ideas you can implement when you
embrace Facebook marketing:
✦ Set up special promotions inside Facebook, and offer special deals
exclusively to your Facebook community. You could create a coupon
that your visitors can print and bring into your store for a special dis-
count, for example.
✦ Offer Q&A sessions in real time. Your visitors can post questions about
your niche, product, or service; then you and your team can offer great
advice and information to your Facebook community.
✦ Highlight your Facebook fans by offering a Member of the Month
award. You could choose and highlight one fan who shows exemplary
participation in your Facebook community. People love to be acknowl-
edged, and Facebook is a fantastic platform for recognizing your best
clients and prospects.
✦ Highlight your own employees with an Employee of the Month feature
on your Facebook Page. Profile someone who’s m huaking a difference at
the company. You can include photos and video to make it even more
entertaining and interesting to your audience.
✦ Sell your products and services directly inside Facebook. Include a
button that links your fans to an electronic shopping cart to enable them
to buy in the moment. You have many opportunities to promote and sell
your products and services on Facebook.
The preceding list is just a glimpse of what you can do inside Facebook’s
powerful walls. Many more opportunities await you — but you’ll have to
read a few more of our minibooks to get acquainted with them.
Photos are viewed more than anything else on Facebook. They go viral
quickly because when a fan posts a photo, that photo is sent to the News
Feeds of all their friends. Hundreds of thousands of potential new fans will
see these photos.

41 percent of B2B companies have reported acquiring a cus-
tomer through Facebook.
B2B generally has a higher average price point than B2C. When the
price of the product or service is considered to be high, the client is
likely to seek out information and content to support buying decisions.
On Facebook, content is king. The more high-value content a company
can generate, the more likely it will be to attract the ideal client base and
become a Facebook success story.
For B2B companies, connection, knowledge sharing, and reputation manage-
ment are key ingredients of success. Facebook’s unique platform can help
optimize these key strategies.
We all want to buy from a friend — someone we trust and
feel comfortable engaging with regularly.
Facebook allows us to move beyond the obstacles of traditional marketing
(very one-sided) and instead communicate with our clients and prospects on
a one-on-one level by putting a face with a name, making the entire exchange
more human.
One very successful Facebook marketing strategy is to ask your followers
interesting questions. It’s human nature to enjoy talking about likes and
interests; therefore, encourage sharing by asking your fans to express their
thoughts about their likes and interests. It’s a great way to increase fan

Example of find opportunity in the time of adversity.
Imagine this: You sell shoes. A client orders a pair of your shoes online and
receives them in the mail. When the shoes arrive, they’re the wrong pair.
That client logs on to Facebook and posts this message:
I just received my much anticipated pair of red stilettos in the mail
today . . . too bad the company messed up and sent me sneakers
instead! I’m frustrated!
At first glance, you may think that a post like that would hurt your business.
On social sites like Facebook and Twitter, however, you can turn a poten-
tially bad post into an opportunity to gain a customer for life.
Imagine that you respond within just five minutes with this post:
Julie, we are so sorry that you received the wrong pair of shoes! We
are shipping your red stilettos overnight, and make sure to look for the
50% off coupon we included in your box as well. Two pairs of shoes are
always better than one!
Here’s what’s great: The opportunity for real-time problem solving is power-
ful. You not only just saved a sale and made Julie a happy customer, but also
showed anyone watching on Facebook that you care about your clients and
will go above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy. This type of
experience wasn’t possible before social media came on the scene.


How to Prioritise campaign activities for candidates, report the progress, suggest changes based on results.
Harish kumar 7982724562
Political advisor,Communication consultant,Political Strategist, Election Management.
Formulate campaign strategies and in-depth political intervention based on feedback by eligible voters, journalists, surveys and political activists.
I head a team of regional managers and field managers to perform the activities of the project.
Explore various key issues faced by the citizens and suggest campaign ideas for political organizations to get maximum support.
Analyze and make reports on the previous assembly and parliament elections.
Prioritize campaign activities for candidates, report the progress suggest changes based on results.
Research and investigate the winnable candidate for a constituency based on various factors and criteria.
Make reports on current political trends of a region, constituency, ratings of a candidate.
Prepare speech points for various political leaders based on the current trends and critical issues of the election season.
Micromanage elections at booth level and oversee day to day activities performed during elections.
Suggest significant manifesto inclusions based on ground feedback and meetings with civil society members


List of 80+ Quality High PR Profile Creation Sites 2018



UNLESS AMBITION IS KILLED, you will remain in misery. Ambition is the source of all miseries. What is ambition? ’A’ wants to be ’B’, the poor want to be rich, the ugly wants to be beautiful. Everyone longs to be someone else, something other than what he is. No one is content with himself. That’s what ambition is.
Whatsoever you are, you are not content with it. This is ambition. Then you are bound to be in misery because you cannot be anything else. You can only be yourself; nothing else is possible. All else is just futile, harmful, dangerous. You can waste your whole life, your whole existence.
Whatsoever you are, you are. Accept it; don’t desire it to be otherwise. This is what ambition means. Nonambitiousnessisbasictoallspiritualtransformation, because once you accept yourself, many things start happening. But the first thing…. If you accept yourself totally, the first thing that happens to you is a nonsense life. There is no tension. You don’t want to be anything else; there is nowhere else to go. Then you can be here and now. There is no comparison. You yourself are unique. You no longer think in terms of others.
Then there is no future. Ambition needs future, it needs space to grow. It cannot grow here and now; there is no space. This moment is so small, so atomic. Ambition needs the future; and the greater the ambition, the greater the future that is needed.
If your ambition is so great that it cannot be fulfilled in this life, then you will create an afterlife. You will create heaven,you will create moksha, you will create the concept of rebirth. Iamnotsayingthat there is no rebirth. I am saying that you believe in rebirth not because it is there but because of your ambitionsaresogreatthattheycannotbefulfilledinonelifetime. Yourbeliefinrebirth, reincarnation, is not because it is a fact. It is because of ambition and desire. Reincarnation may be a fact, but for you it is just a fiction. For you it is just a matter of the future, of more space to move in.
Remember, you cannot be ambitious in the present moment. It is impossible. There is no space. The present moment is so atomic, so small, that you cannot move in it. You can be in it, but you cannot desire in it. It is long enough to be, but it is not long enough for desiring. To desire you need future, time. Really, time exists because of desire. For the trees here, there is no time. For the birds singing here, there is no time. For the stars and for the sun and for the earth, there is no time. Time exists because of human desire. If humanity was not on this earth, there would be no time; there would be no past and no future.
Your desire creates the future. Your memory creates the past. They are both parts of your mind. Don’t desire, and the future disappears. And when there is no future, how can you be tense? How? There is no possibility of being tense if there is no future And if there is no past – if you know that it is simply a memory, the dust collected on the way – how can there be any anxiety? In the past, anxiety enters. And with the future – plans, imaginations, projections – tension exists. When the past drops and the future is not open, you are here, now. No anxiety, no tension, no anguish.
Nonambition means to accept yourself as you are. But that doesn’t mean that there is no possibility of growth. On the contrary, when you accept yourself as you are the transformation sets in. You start growing, but the dimension differs. Then the dimension is not in the future but in the eternal.
Know this distinction well. You can move in two ways. If you move in the future, you are moving in the mind: a fiction, a dream world. If you don’t move in the future, then a different dimension becomes open for you from this very moment You are moving in the eternal. The eternal is hidden in the moment. If you can be here right now, in the moment, you have entered the eternal. If you go on thinking of the future and the past, you are living in the temporal. The temporal is the world, and the eternal is nirvana.
Buddha is reported to have said again and again that if you can be in the now, there is no need of any technique to meditate. It is enough. It will do all that is needed. But how can you be in the now if you are ambitious?
The ambitious mind cannot be in the now. It can be anywhere else but it cannot be in the now. The ambitious mind always moves away from the present. It is thinking of that which is .o come; it is thinking of tomorrow. It is thinking of an afterlife; it is not interested in the life that is here. It is interested in something that should be. It is not interested in the ’is’; it is always interested in the ’ought’, in the ’should’. That interest is nonreligious. A religious mind, a religious consciousness, is interested in existence as it is. The first sutra is KILL OUT ambition totally so that you can be here and now

Marketing monk

Best marketing strategies

so that you can enter the eternal.


3 Things You Must Do Before starting Paid Internet Advertising

Online advertising has evolved since its beginnings as a static image that pops up at the top of a website. Display Ads. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Paid ads can either be Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Thousand (CPM).Remarketing/Retargeting.

We must understand how paid advertising works and how much ROI is expected from which activity. Here I found the most important task we must understand before starting paid advertising.

1. Why start  paid advertising

I have been doing placement consultancy business since 2010, initially, we start with free classified websites and social media free techniques for getting new leads and customers, it works very well till 2017. We didn’t spend any money on paid ads. In January 2018 free classifieds not accepting free ads in our category. So we have to invest in paid advertising. If the same situation is with you-you should consider paid ads.

2. How to start paid advertising

Before starting You should do a thorough research on paid advertising, in google or bing search ‘ paid advertising’.  After research apply what you learn and do trial and error process .when you master in what is good and what is bad, run your compaine with most ROI .

3. When is the right time to start with paid ads.

When you are not getting desire leads from your free networks, that is the right time to invest in paid advertising.




Marketing is going through massive changes by artificial intelligence

Marketing is going through massive changes thanks to artificial intelligence – and that’s a good thing.

Why does marketing need AI?

Here’s the good news about AI: it’s bringing marketers the chance to unclip their wings, free themselves of the more mundane number crunching and analysis, and focus on what they like the most – the creative, interactive, fulfilling work that lured them into the profession in the first place.AI will raise the professional bar. It will help marketers to be more focused and effective at doing what they do best – producing creative work that delivers results. Above all, AI will make marketing more relevant and that is good for everyone – customers and businesses alike. It will help marketers be marketers, and marketing to be as effective and efficient as it can be.

With such a pervasive technology, it’s impossible to capture its full effect but here are seven ways AI is going to propel marketing in the near future


7 ways to increase online sales

7 ways to increase online sales

1 : Focus on your site visitors–not yourself


2 : Offer just 2 or 3 products on your home page.


3 : Establish a problem and offer solution

4 :Create a Sense of Urgency

5 : Give Away As Much As You Possible Can for Free

6 : Talk to Your Prospects on Social Media

7 : Create a Sense of Urgency



Difference Between Posts & Pages In WordPress

Difference Between Posts & Pages In WordPress

WordPress gives you two different ways to create content – posts, and pages.


WordPress posts have an official publication date and are displayed by date on your site’s blog page.

WordPress pages do not have a publish date and are meant for static, timeless content.


Posts have a publish date and are displayed in reverse chronological order on your blog page.

Pages are for static, timeless content. They do not have a publish date.


WordPress version 4.2 you can now create as many pages as you want.

Before WordPress version 4.2, you have some issue in the page this issue has been completely fixed and you can now create as many pages as you want.

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